Premiere: Highscore Unveils New Single/Music Video “Sugar Tips”

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Retro synth-pop duo Highscore introduces their new single/music video “Sugar Tips.”

Highscore shares, “‘Sugar Tips’ is about meeting someone new and going through the early talking stages before you really get to know each other. This song naturally came to us, it was written all in one night.”

Based in Las Vegas, Highscore is made up of songwriters Issy Berry and Christian Hill. Highscore’s sound, a blend of intoxicating hooks, dance riffs, and nostalgic vibes from the ‘80s, is inspired by artists such as The Whispers, Prince, Ready For The World, and the King of Pop. Merging their influences with their own unique style and flair, Highscore creates a new wave of sound.

Prior to Highscore, Issy and Christian played in a pop-rock band together for three years, which formed in 2015. Due to the pandemic lockdown in 2020, the duo had plenty of time to write at home which led to the birth of Highscore.

In 2020, the duo released their debut single, “Blame,” followed by a cover of Charlie Puth’s “Hard On Yourself.” In 2021, they dropped “Contagious.” Highscore will release its debut EP this summer.

“Sugar Tips” opens on a delicious drum shuffle, segueing into an ‘80s-flavored melody riding potent percussion, a fat bassline, and gleaming pop colors. Luscious vocals imbue the lyrics with buoyant textures, vaguely reminiscent of Michael Jackson.

“Hey, baby girl, you stop me in my tracks / Cuz you look too good to be alone here like that / So tell me, baby, why you out here looking like a snack / Just like Doja Cat … Like sugar tips / Candy kisses from your lips / Taste so sweet.”

The feel and flow of the harmonics are at once upbeat and dance-inducing, thrumming with shimmering energy and alluring washes of sparkling hues.

Brimming with contagious layers of retro synthpop dynamics, with “Sugar Tips,” HIghscore hits the center of the sweet spot.

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