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This announcement is in line with the company’s commitment to helping preserve the history of Island Airlines and the important role played by the airline’s Ford Tri-Motor airplane.

More information is available at https://www.restoretheford.org

For nearly 50 years, starting in 1936, this airplane was a common sight in the skies above Lake Erie, taking both passengers and freight in and out of the isolated islands in the lake. Now aviation enthusiasts can participate in the ongoing restoration of this iconic airplane by donating funds.

Commercial aviation has had a tremendous impact on the world, making it a more connected place. Today, commercial passenger and freight flights are taken for granted, but it was just getting started in the early 1900s.

Ford’s Tri-Motor airplane was built from 1926 through 1933 and served for 50 years as an ambulance, mail plane, freight hauler, and commuter for Island Airlines and the residents on Lake Erie islands.

Having a third engine allowed to overcome concerns about engine reliability. Because this plane was rugged, it was chosen by Richard Byrd for his historic flight over the South Pole in November 1929.

Training to restore the Ford Tri-Motor airplane started in 2004 with just a few pieces of the plane. Most of the work to restore it has been done by volunteers at the Liberty Aviation Museum under the supervision of a full-time airframe mechanic. The project is 100% dependent on donations, volunteers, merchandise sales, and special events.

Significant progress has been made, but the foundation states that to reach the goal of giving everyone the opportunity to experience this historic aircraft, more work is needed. Besides funding, individuals can contribute building supplies and display items and can volunteer to help in the museum or with special events.

People can even be part of the Island Airlines Historic Walkway at the museum by buying a brick with the name of a special event or loved one for family and friends to visit for generations.

A spokesperson for the project states, “Whether you’re visiting the museum in person or shopping online, profits from all Ford Tri-Motor items sold are used to help fund our restoration project and museum displays.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.restoretheford.org

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