Northborough MA Detox Cleanse Program

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Regular cleansing of the body benefits the immune system because it allows the digestive system to rest and detoxify itself. According to Dr. Kristen Poe of Poe’s Holistic Health, today’s diet of high-fat food and cholesterol-laden meals forces the body to work double-time as it attempts to maintain normalcy. That is why she has crafted a unique detox cleanse program that incorporates whole food so that clients receive the nutrients they need without sacrificing taste.

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The new detox cleanse program is not similar to other methods that have laxative effects. Instead, it is detoxing and cleansing the right way. It is nutritionally balanced so clients receive the recommended macro and micronutrients during the program.

The health solution offers several benefits, not least of which is a strengthened immune system. Several studies have shown that regularly detoxifying the body “resets” the body’s system, allowing it to absorb nutrients more efficiently and being able to fight off toxins more effectively. A detox cleanse program may also make a person less vulnerable to the disease causing the current health crisis.

At Poe’s Holistic Health, clients are guided throughout the whole program. Dr. Poe insists that while her methods are safe and effective, they should not take precedence over other medicines and programs. Patients with hypertension, diabetes or other chronic conditions should first secure the approval of their family physician before taking the program.

Aside from detox cleansing, Dr. Poe offers several other holistic services, including chronic pain therapy and optimal health and lifestyle management. New clients are encouraged to schedule their appointment through her website. Physical visits are allowed, given certain precautions.

Poe writes, “We live in a high-pressure and demanding culture, and often our health and wellbeing suffer. It is no wonder we live in a society that is plagued with chronic health issues, nutritional deficiencies, pain, stress, and anxiety. My passion and mission are to help people find alternative means to improve their lives using natural, non-invasive, and holistic methods.”

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