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The recent additions include positions such as product manager, project manager, sales, consulting and strategy, and more. The AI-powered virtual interview solution now covers over 70% of the roles required by growth-stage startups, as well as 100% of the talent needs of strategy and consulting firms.

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HireQuotient is a virtual interviewer platform that helps companies identify top talent across strategy, business development, product, project managers, data analyst, sales and marketing roles.

The platform uses virtual chatbots to ask candidates a range of customized questions, including free-text, excel spreadsheets and video format. It is designed to save time, while helping to identify suitably qualified and experienced talent prior to an in-person interview.

Virtual interviewers essentially simulate the job that a candidate is being hired for and ensure that they have the right skill levels for the position, answering the one most vital question – can the candidate do the job?

Assessments are objective (i.e. with no bias on candidate background), non identical/scalable (no 2 candidates in 50K get the same test) and consistent (similar answers lead to similar scores), allowing companies to test candidates and identify the top 10%.

While much has been made about the shortage of tech talent, the ‘great resignations’ of recent months have indicated that concerns extend well beyond the technology sector. Indeed, a report from Forbes states that many companies are now facing a widening gap between the skills they require and the abilities that employee candidates possess.

The developers of HireQuotient recognized that organizations can waste significant time and effort in the search for the right talent. The platform is designed to streamline the recruitment process. It applies cutting-edge AI technology to identify the suitability of candidates. With the most recent updates, companies can now use the solution to shortlist candidates in several new fields.

In addition to those previously mentioned, areas now covered include strategy, business development, data analysis, and sales and marketing. Rather than relying on what an applicant’s CV says, the HireQuotient platform offers an objective assessment of skills in line with specific role requirements.

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About HireQuotient

Established by a team of experienced hiring managers from BCG, HireQuotient is designed to help identify essential candidate skills that CVs often fail to reveal. The company is backed by several unicorn and global business founders, and has been deployed by major organizations such as BCG, Neuraflash, and Global PMI Partners.

A company representative stated: “As experienced interviewers who have done literally hundreds of interviews while at BCG, we felt uniquely positioned to create scalable business skills tests. Our vision is to create the best virtual interviewers we can, in order to improve recruiting outcomes while enhancing the experience for candidates and recruiters alike.”

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