MAD Club : The Only Club in Wynwood Open Till 5 Am

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A secret gem located deep in the heart of Miami’s Art District, MAD Club is known for being one of South Florida’s most exciting and exclusive nightclubs home to the hottest DJs, celebrity artists, entertainers and influential personalities. and continues to attract more and more guests every day for its sheer ability to deliver a captivating experience and high-quality service that is rare to find all in one place. With doors open to guests from 12 am – 5 am, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, MAD Club is the next stop for many after a night out of fine dining in the Miami area. With VIP services and private table reservations available, MAD Club goes above and beyond to provide guests with professionally elegant services catered by their beautiful staff and world class bartenders that make your night out one to truly remember. 

The high-class service, professional mixology, inspiringly tasteful interior design and front entrance champagne bar might get you excited but MAD Club’s shows, entertainment spectacles and live DJs are sure to provide that electrifying feeling you’ve been craving. Some of the guests’ celebrity entertainments have included acts such as Marshmello, Alec Monopoly and more; and with new line ups during each night’s event, you never know what you’re in for. Each night can have a different theme or special, so you can be excited knowing that you can never expect the same experience by returning again. So, whether it’s lounging, enjoying drinks with company, watching live entertainment or you’re looking to dance the night away MAD Club has you covered. 

While the incredible laser light shows and theatrics fill the dance floor, you can expect to be surrounded by mature, outgoing and spontaneous like-minded people simply looking to have a classy night out filled with fun. The club goes even further to enhance the environment aura by incorporating logos of a bee hive symbolizing the creation of something bigger than just one singular person’s effort. Guests will feel the participation in the community immediately after walking in. With high level services, a beautiful crew and staff, an incredibly inspiring atmosphere and rare entertainment services all in one place, these are just a few exciting attributes that set MAD Club apart from many other clubs in the area. To receive more information on how you can make a reservation and join the MAD Club movement go to and or follow them on Instagram @madclubwynwood.