Lorelei Marcell Releases New Single – “Need Me”

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Los Angeles-based indie-pop artist Lorelei Marcell recently released her brand-new track, “Need Me,” the first single lifted from her forthcoming EP.

Co-written with Sarah McTaggert, Joey Pepe, and Adam Genie, “Need Me” reveals the grey area between toxicity and love as Lorelei reflects on a past addictive relationship, where she found herself enjoying needing to be needed.

Lorelei explains, “I was the most vulnerable yet accommodating version of myself, something I’ll never regret. I learned valuable lessons about myself in the most heart-wrenching moments.”

The song’s lyrics bare Lorelei’s emotional susceptibility. “And I want it to be true, when you say believe me, I do / ‘Cause when we’re close it’s easy, guess I still need you to need me.”

Born near Philadelphia, Lorelei grew up in a Boston suburb and now lives in Los Angeles. In 2019, she released her debut single, “Losing Myself,” which collected 131,000 streams on Spotify and 109,000 views on YouTube. She followed with “Summertime High,” amassing 312,000 views on YouTube.

Next up was “Dreamin About You,” co-written with Valerie Broussard, Stefan Lit, and Shannon McArthur, which garnered 300,000 total streams. With more than one million collective streams, Lorelei’s music attracted support from Grammy-nominated songwriter JHart (Justin Bieber, Keith Urban, Usher).

Lorelei’s sound, a tasty blend of R&B savors with mainstream indie-pop, generates scrumptious sonic potions.

“Need Me” opens on swirling colors, followed by the entry of Lorelei’s sumptuous voice. A mid-tempo rhythm and gleaming guitars give the melody creamy, resonant waves of color, ebbing and rising on plush leitmotifs. Teeming with alluring textures, the mesmerizing harmonics provide the perfect matrix for Lorelei’s evocative vocals, oh so bewitching.

“Need Me” delivers delicious indie-pop flavors topped by the gloriously stylish tones of the crème de la crème voice of Lorelei Marcell.

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