Launch Of New Sun Control Motorized Screens Keep Home’s Cool During Hot Summers – Your News Digest

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Leading screen and awning dealer-installer, Screenmobile of North Shore, Chicago has launched a new high quality sun control motorized screen to enable homes to remain cool during the hot summer.

Alfonso Patlan, the owner of Screenmobile NorthShore, Chicago said, “our motorized Screens have changed dramatically over the years. There are more choices and more variety” He said, “the quality has improved, and most importantly, they are more affordable for homeowners to purchase”.

Mr Patlan went on to say, “There is now a wider selection of screen options from insect control to shade control with numerous color and material options to fit any type of home improvement project”.

The company has been established for more than 40 years and has 110 locations nationwide. Screenmobile specializes in home delivery and installation of window screens, screen doors, porch enclosures, sun control products, motorized and large format screens as well as specialty screens.

The new sun control awnings and the motorized screens provide an effective way to control heat build up within the home. Mr Patlan said, “Windows are the leading source of heat gain, accounting for nearly 50% of the heat that enters the home, making the air conditioner work harder, which translates into higher energy costs”. He went on to say, “Retractable screening solutions reduce solar heat gain, provide shade, and add ventilation, privacy, and protection from insects and West Nile Virus”.

Motorized awnings provide a practical solution to reduce energy consumption from the unnecessary overuse of air conditioning units and electric fans. The shade provided by the awnings reduce a high percentage of heat build-up that would otherwise, radiate into the home.

Mr Patlan explained that as well as the practical benefits, the motorized awnings also expand a homeowners current living space, providing more leisure options at home and increasing the home’s property value. He said that properly fitted motorized screens and shades allow for a relatively inexpensive way to increase energy efficiency, reduce air conditioning bills, safeguard against burglars and allow families to enjoy outdoor patio living so homeowners can enjoy their backyard space even more.

The company is gearing up for an increased demand for their new Sun Control Motorized Screens as the warmer weather approaches. With their wide range of color and styles, Mr Patlan said that for motorized awnings and sun control, Screenmobile is the only choice that customers should be looking at right now because of the quality, customer service and sheer value that Screenmobile provide.

For more information about the products and the company, please visit the Screenmobile of North Shore, Chicago website.

Screenmobile of North Shore Chicago
Screenmobile of North Shore Chicago

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North Shore, Chicago
United States

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