Killphonic Rights is an Advocate for Independent Songwriters

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Killphonic Rights is a publishing and neighboring rights administration company and platform that serves as an important advocate for independent songwriters by making publishing, royalty collection and music business education easy and readily available for all independents and their teams. Killphonic Rights’ founding team, made up of a mix of producers, artist managers, songwriters, and tech specialists from JP Morgan Chase, is led by CEO, veteran producer and notable music executive Caleb Shreve. After receiving a $16.6 million valuation and partnering with Sumerian Records (Smashing Pumpkins, After the Burial, Poppy,) the company is emerging as one of the main competitors of Songtrust and proving themselves as a company to watch in this ever-changing music landscape.

Speaking on why the time is now for a valuation and round of funding, Killphonic Rights CEO Caleb Shreve said, “we’ve seen so much incredible growth in the our first year, we all agreed that capitalizing on that now could provide the funding to build everything we dreamt of to revolutionize the publishing administration landscape. We believe our 40x+ growth in 2021 is beyond a proof of concept, and proof that the industry is changing. Our company and its mission is on the forefront of that change. We absolutely need to act now.”

The valuation speaks directly to streaming becoming the largest growing sector of the music industry in the last several years, and the growth of independent artists and songwriters as the fastest growing market in the industry. Killphonic’s head of A&R, Lauren Trahan said, “The historic problems around streaming platforms paying independents artists and songwriters their royalties, specifically publishing royalties, has created a greater need for a company like ours to support this very important sector.”

About Killphonic Rights:

Our founding team is made up of producers, artist managers, songwriters, and tech specialists from JP Morgan Chase. Our own need to have a simple catalog management tool led us to build out a publishing and rights administration company, Killphonic Rights, ultimately serving publishers and songwriters as private clients, most notably Sumerian Records. We decided to adapt our powerful technology into a platform available to all independent songwriters, and thus Killphonic Rights Direct was born. Our mission is to make royalty collection as easy as possible for all independents – songwriters, publishers, and labels alike – and continue to educate and advocate on publishing, royalties, and the value of publishing in the current music landscape.

About Caleb Shreve CEO:

Caleb began professional career in 1998 at Sony Music Studios in New York. As part of the Sony Music Special Projects team in NYC, he began working alongside artists such as Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Destiny’s Child and Marc Anthony. In early 2003, Caleb left Sony to work independently as a producer and engineer. Quickly he was hired almost exclusively by music producer and executive, Sean “Puffy” Combs. During this time and soon after, Caleb reconnected with beginnings as a songwriter. Over the next decade and a half, Caleb wrote, produced and mixed countless records. His discography includes songs and albums by artists Jennifer Lopez, Phantogram, Tegan and Sara, and Switchfoot to name a few. Since 2014 Caleb has been working as a manager at his company Killphonic with partner Jon Siebels of the band Eve 6. They have helped many artists navigate their careers (both independently and with labels/publishers).

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