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In time during the holy month of Ramadan, the author Julia Hanke is launching her new Islamic book “Prince Edward’s Journey to Islam” in German. The book is a Medieval Historical Young Adult Novel with great characters based on inspiring legends. The German version has the title “Prinz Edwards Reise zum Islam” and is now available in e-book, paperback, and hardcover format on

The book trailer can be watched here:

The audiobook is in progress and will be released this fall. More information about the book can be found directly on the author’s website:

Julia Hanke makes readers travel back in time into the 13th century and tells a thrilling story about a father, who gets seriously ill, and his son, whose life will forever change, when he becomes king and suddenly faces challenges as the new ruler of the kingdom, that he has to defend against his opponents, such as his own uncle.

Follow Prince Edward on his journey to Islam during the holy month of Ramadan and the wild frontier of Rhosmoor and Acre, where he aids Sultan Al-Ashraf Khalil against Christian forces.

This beautiful story of faith, courage, loyalty, and trust in Allah (God), brings readers wisdom and hope and let’s readers get lost in a novel, that is inspired by figures like Saladin, Sultan Qalawun, Nusaybah bint Ka’ab, Richard the Lionheart and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine–all legends who are fascinating to this day.

This book perfectly combines history, fantasy, and adventure and tells the glorious story of a robust boy, that seeks to find a place for himself in a chaotic world and become a man in a vicious era.

Besides the guiding themes of Ramadan and Iftar, readers will also encounter some of the 99 names of Allah and duas in this Islamic books for teenager. Whoever enjoys reading Islamic books for women, Islamic books history or books like “Reclaim your heart”, “Dont be sad Islamic Book”, “Omar Suleiman Book”, “A Muslim woman’s diary”, “daily wisdom Islamic Book”, “Its not about the Burqa” or “Secrets of Divine Love”, will love this e-book (Islam book online).

Julia Hanke has a professional background in Education and Islamic Studies, including Arabic, and received her bachelor’s degree with honours from the German university “Universitat Hamburg”. This helped create the book, which offers an Islamic alternative to non-Islamic novels for young adults.

When asked about why she wrote the book, Hanke said: “I was inspired to write this book for my oldest son, who also helped me develop the story.”

Hanke has hopes that the book will inspire others to write fictional novels based on an Islamic context.

Those interested in learning more about the German version of the book can visit here:

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