Interview: AVAION on his latest single “Lies,” collaborating with VIZE and Leony, inspiration, and music influences

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As a teenager, AVAION had a dream of a gold record. He’d even assigned a place for the gilded plaque on his bedroom wall. Fast forward twelve years, and AVAION’s dream came true, and some, when his debut single ‘Pieces’ when platinum. The song, still swelling in streams each week, would put AVAION on the musical map and earmark him as one of the most exciting and promising young stars of the international electronic music scene by the end of 2019.

Earlier this month, the German songwriter and multi-instrumentalist released his latest single, ‘Lies’. So, we caught up with him to discuss the new single, his career journey and what it feels like to have a platinum record.

Hey Chris, thanks for speaking with us! So, to get started, how would you best introduce yourself?

Hello everyone! My name is Chris but better known as AVAION. I‘m a 25 year old artist from Germany who is chasing his dreams. I produce, sing, and write my own songs while also focusing on creating my own style and sound.

And how did your musical story start? What were some of the early influences on you growing up and who inspires you today?

I started to show interest in music at an early age. My father and my grandfather were both passionate musicians and this has also made an impact on me at an early age. While other children were interested in soccer, I preferred to learn music. I think the biggest inspiration in the beginning was my grandpa. He was a clarinet player, and I was always impressed when he played something for me or showed me other instruments.

You’re back with a new solo single. What does ‘Lies’ mean to you? Is there a personal story behind the song?

“Lies” is about past interpersonal experiences where lies have guided the relationship. It is about the toxicity that words can cause.

Listening to your music, it feels like you all your songs come from a very personal place. Do you find it helps your creative process to build your music around the raw emotion found in your songs?

Yes absolutely. Many of my songs are built from my own experiences. In the songs I process these experiences and emotions. I try to express these feelings through melodies to give people who are in similar situations, a sense of safety in the music.

In 2019 you released ‘Pieces’, which seems to have become your breakout moment musical with the single now close to a 100 million combined streams, going platinum in South Africa and having received strong radio support throughout many countries including your home Germany. How does it feel to know your music is having such an impact internationally?

It is the best feeling in the world for me. Nothing gives back to an artist more than the confirmation of people that they can feel your vibe and see your music as a rescue and escape and lose themselves in it. I think the most intense moment was when a listener wrote to me and told me that my song stopped him from harming himself. He no longer felt alone and was able to seek safety in the song. That is the most beautiful feeling. When music saves lives and makes life worth living.

Last year VIZE reached out to you to work on a new version of ‘Pieces’, with Leony taking the lead vocal part this time. How did that collaboration come about and why did you agree to relinquish the lead vocal part?

Honestly, the whole thing was suggested by the labels. I knew of course VIZE and Leony already and knew it could not hurt the song ‘Pieces’ and that it would also bring the song more onto the radio. I really liked the vocals of Leony and also the “clubby” uplift of the VIZE guys fitted perfectly into the new version.

Who else would you love to collaborate with?

I would really like to work with Odesza, Elderbrook, Rüfüs du sol and Fredagain

We’ve seen your video of you DJing on Instagram, but can fans expect to see you performing your music live in 2022? It feels the perfect fit for a live stage performance.

This year there will be a lot of Dj gigs but we are also planning a Live Concept show with a band. I would like to do both in the future.

What do you want to accomplish as an electronic artist?

I don’t want to be seen just as an electronic artist but as an artist with my own style and I think I’m doing a good job of making my own sound. I want to reach and move the whole world with my sound and share my vibe with as many people as possible. I have big plans.

What’s been a special moment you’ve had in your career so far as an artist/producer?

I think the last 2 years have been full of highlights. Even though the situation in the world was difficult due to the virus, I had a very effective time with my music. Many of my dreams have come true, including the award of a platinum record. It is simply indescribable to see how my own music goes around the world and becomes more and more recognised. This has sweetened the hard time and motivated me even more to make more and more new music.

What would be your message of inspiration for your fans in 2022?

Never stop doing what you love.

Thanks AVAION, we look froward to hearing what’s next from you!

Much love! Thank you!

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