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The dental practice, which accepts most dental insurance programs, including non-managed care, indemnity – traditional – and PPO out-of-network, now offers dental crowns and implants, as well as deep cleaning services using the latest state-of-the-art precision technology.

More information can be seen at Houston Chinatown Family Dentist & Dental Implants/Crowns

Dentist 101, whose staff is multilingual – English, Chinese, and Spanish – now provides comprehensive dental care for both children and adults. Additional services provided include braces, tooth extraction, root canals, and oral cancer screening.

As dental patient levels return to – and are expected to surpass, at over 6% annual growth – pre-Covid levels, the nature of dental services is shifting to greater personalization and more accountability. The rising incidence of periodontal disorders, technical advancements in dentistry, and high demand for aesthetic and laser dentistry are some of the important forces driving the market’s growth. However, over half of those polled with dental insurance said they’ve refused a dentist-recommended procedure or avoided going to the dentist altogether owing to financial worries.

This is compounded by the fact that three-quarters of Americans claim to be anxious about visiting the dentist. For this reason, Dentist 101 takes the time to listen to patients’ concerns, assuage their anxieties, and devise a dental program that meets their needs.

The dental practice’s services are all intended as preventative measures or treatments for the healthiest teeth and gums possible. Tooth loss can cause a variety of oral health issues, as well as feelings of self-consciousness due to difficulties speaking correctly and a gapped smile. Dentist 101 takes advantage of cutting-edge dental technology to offer affordable treatments that better ensure long-term dental health – and a better appearance.

For example, the dental implants performed by Dentist 101 are the most effective approach to replacing missing teeth without causing damage to neighboring teeth. And each crown – whether part of the implant procedure or not – is custom-made to match the desired color and contour of the natural tooth. These top-quality dental crowns can strengthen a patient’s teeth, and last for up to twenty or even thirty years.

One patient commented: “I have been a patient of Doctor Jessica Su for more than a year. It has been a fantastic experience each and every visit. A super clean clinic. Staff are always helpful and friendly. Most importantly, Dr. Su showed her superb medical skills and angelic kindness which make you feel at home. Highly recommend this place.”

Interested parties can see learn more at Texas Dentist 101 of Houston – Dental Implants and Crowns

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