House of The Rising Provides Rehab for Couples, Drug Addiction Treatment, and Relapse Prevention at Their Addiction Treatment Center

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Located in San Clemente California just off the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean, the team at the House of the Rising Son is dedicated to the health and wellness of their patients. Anyone who has dealt with drug and alcohol abuse knows that getting well can be a challenge. The staff and counselors at the facility are there to assist them 24 hours a day and 7 days a week offering a variety of treatment options to help them turn their life around. Sure, that first step of reaching out and admitting they need help can be a hard decision to make, but the compassionate team at the treatment center promises them that it will be well worth making. What better place to get well than in Southern California, surrounded by a staff of people who want to help one reach their goals.

Drug and alcohol abuse not only affects the individual but it also can be harmful to everyone around them. Substance abuse can cause people to take from loved ones, try to cover up their bad decisions, and sometimes put their loved ones in compromising positions, and potentially ruin relationships. The House of The Rising Son offers a program that is focused on rehab for couples. Not only is it beneficial to the patient but it also helps their loved ones learn how to recognize and deal with the behaviors that are associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Their treatment is designed to help heal broken relationships, learn how to work towards trusting each other again, and prevent aggressiveness that can also be a result of substance abuse. Their rehab for couples program typically takes at least a month of counseling for most couples.

It is important to know that all patients are not the same. While their staff helps them in the process, they can determine which addiction treatment program will be the best fit for their needs. Medically supervised detoxification plays a vital role in one’s journey to get well. This process won’t be easy, but it’s a must to help rid their body of the toxins that they’ve placed in it. Patient’s will be closely monitored by staff members during this phase of their journey.

Treatment doesn’t end when one finishes their initial therapy. Sobriety is something they’ll have to work towards daily to remain successful. The House of The Rising Son also offers relapse prevention programs to help them maintain their sobriety. This program comes in the form of an assisted living situation so that patients can slowly learn how to live a sober lifestyle. Their counsellors and peers will help ensure that they’re held accountable for their decisions and offer support when they need it most. While one may feel like they’re ready to move on with life, this phase of their treatment is detrimental to their sobriety.

Seeking help from a drug addiction treatment facility won’t always be an easy decision for one to make. It is however, a huge step in the right direction for their health and well being. The team at The House of The Rising Son would love to help them take that step towards a happy and healthier version of themselves.

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