FEAT Delves Deep Soulfully With The New RnB Single “This Time”

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The new single by FEAT, titled “This Time”, has been hitting us hard every time we’ve heard it. Full of RnB soul that just touches the heart, this is one track that we could hear time and again, over and over. Definitely, one to add to emotional playlists. The release of this song follows up FEAT’s debut single “FLIRTIN’” and his 2020 mixtape For The Lovers.

FEAT, real name Eric Vaughn Gardner, started his career in music at just 13 before starting private vocal and acting lessons at the Freedom Theater of Philadelphia. Years passed allowing him to fine-tune his vocals, sound, and voice, which gained him invites to perform at prestigious events in 2020 and going on to drop his debut mixtape For The Lovers. He later followed that up with the 2021 single “FLIRTIN’”, continuing to prove his story-telling capabilities when it comes to music, and this latest release is no different – we hope more music is on its way.

This song was written by Deka Janifer and Eric Gardner and recorded at After5 Studios. It has an awesomely identifiable bass melody running throughout which was created by Julian Harris (AKA Blvck Soul). “This Time” starts off full of tense sounds as we wait for the track to kick in, getting our heart racing from the very start, and FEAT’s vocals put us at ease as he opens with the first verse, giving us emotion and honesty, that builds and builds towards the end which unleashes chills across our skin as if he’s singing right at us about the break-up he’s gone through. Toxic relationships are some of the worst to deal with, and “This Time” is the perfect reflection of how they can make such an impact on your life, with an unforgettable backing track full of artful indie guitars and downtempo beats mastered together with the bass and FEAT’s gentle soothing voice.

Talking about the track, FEAT said: “‘This Time’ was written during a breakup. After numerous attempts to make the relationship work, I was left with disappointment and dissatisfaction and hurt. This song became a way to relieve the undesirable emotions; it was time for me to realize my potential, what I am capable of, and to disconnect from a love that was so very tragic.”

Stream “This Time” By FEAT Here:

“This Time” is available to download and stream right now.

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