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The newly updated service includes custom home design and construction that uses only the highest quality materials available. Wausau Homes will assist the customer in selecting one of their trusted contractors, deliver the materials, and oversee the construction process to ensure that the customer’s dreams are made a reality.

To find out more, visit https://www.wausauhomes.com

This expansion is an extension of the company’s already sprawling service area, which covers most of the Midwest. Wausau Homes has already helped construct hundreds of luxury homes across the Midwest using environmentally-friendly building processes. With over half a century of service and experience, they have honed the process of bringing their clients visions to life.

Data from the real estate market suggests that prefab or stick-built homes may not appreciate in value as quickly as custom constructions, nor may they meet the needs of every family. They also tend to be constructed of lesser quality materials due to time constraints and the sheer quantity of homes being constructed in a new development, leading to more wear and tear.

Wausau Homes wants to provide families with something more than a simple cookie-cutter home that can be selected out of a catalog. They want to create a space that truly feels like home, complete with custom amenities and without the need to settle for something less than the full wishlist of features. To search their service area, visit https://www.wausauhomes.com/search

Houses constructed by Wausau Homes are set at a firm, up-front price, meaning no surprise fees, and a set move-in date. Their state-of-the-art design studio also ensures that every feature that one could desire is available for integration into the home floor plan.

Their network of independently verified contractors has been expanding over the past 60 years and includes only the most trusted names in the business. This allows the company to guarantee a move-in date ahead of time, leaving families with the peace of mind they deserve during the stressful transition between homes.

One satisfied customer had this to say, “I have already recommended our builder to others. Everyone was so easy to work with, friendly, and so experienced at what they do. This is the fourth house we’ve built, and the experience, as well as the final product, are the best we’ve had!”

To find out more, visit https://www.wausauhomes.com/find-a-builder

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