EMF Radiation Shield Pendant Necklace

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Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation is emitted from electrical devices. Sources of EMF radiation in the home include Wi-Fi routers, video game consoles, microwaves, electrical wires, and even hair dryers, as well as laptops and cellphones. Many of these devices are held or positioned close to the body and multiple studies have raised concerns over the health risks associated with EMF sensitivity and overexposure. The updated EMF defense pendant jewelry line is designed to balance the wearer’s personal energy field and protect against the damaging effects of EMF stress.

More details can be found at https://www.bjhs5clk.com/2DDD1J/2CTPL

The newly updated pendants are available in rose gold, silver or gold-tone options. The middle layer of each pendant contains black tourmaline and 36 minerals which generate 10,000 negative ions to balance the damaging effects of EMF radiation positive ion byproducts. Worn on the body, the jewelry diffuses the negative effects of EMFs whenever the wearer comes into contact with them.

As the website explains, a growing body of research has shown that EMF radiation poses an invisible danger to health. This includes a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information which has shown a correlation between increased headache attacks in migraine patients and exposure to cellphones and Wi-Fi.

A health questionnaire study carried out in Switzerland revealed that sleep disorders, headaches, nervousness or distress, fatigue, and concentration difficulties were related to exposure to mobile phone base stations, mobile phones, cordless phones, and power lines.

EMF defense pendant necklaces come in an attractive gift box with a certificate of authenticity and a unique ID number. A price reduction is available for purchasing 3 or more necklaces. All pendants come with a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee and can be shipped worldwide.

A satisfied customer said: “My health provider is slowly noticing a difference, as I am, in my health. Wearing the pendant is the only thing I’ve changed. I’m happy that it’s so stylish while it protects.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.bjhs5clk.com/2DDD1J/2CTPL

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