Emery Pulse Releases Bubbly “Gift Box”

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Florida-based pop artist Emery pulse recently released her music video clip, “Gift Box,” an upbeat song full of retro flavors from the ‘80s.

Talking about the song, Emery shares, “As a fan of 80’s pop, I strive to bring a retro flair to new music. ‘Gift Box’ contains 80’s pop snares and DX7-Esque chimes wrapped in modern elements.”

Originally from the Chicago area, Emery presently lives on Marcos Island, Florida. She’s appeared in stage productions and won a singing competition judged by an American Idol finalist. Her sound blends the appeal of Madonna with the excitement of Katy Perry.

Guitars on the single are provided by Chris Camozzi, who has collaborated with Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, Kelly Clarkson, and others. Accomplished producer Brett Brown (Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker) provides percussion and co-produces the track with Emery Pulse.

Opening on a bouncy rhythm, followed by gleaming layers of pop music, “Gift Box” features shimmers of sparkling textures as Emery’s crystalline timbres imbue the lyrics with luscious sonic nuances. It’s one of those oh so delicious, floating voices that inject flexible coloration and brightness into listeners’ days.

Skiffing guitars, jangly and glittering, give the harmonics creamy washes juxtaposed against the snapping percussion and vibrating bassline. A sizzling guitar solo adds luminous hues and a carefree feeling to the tune.

Akin to the bubbly music, the video clip depicts Emery in glitzy outfits surrounded by effervescent, scintillating lights.

With “Gift Box,” Emery Pulse pumps out scrumptious retro savors of iridescent pop music, capped by her vibrant, vivacious vocals.

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