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Titled “What does it REALLY take to publish a bestselling book?”, the new workshop is aimed at leaders, coaches, mentors, consultants, strategists, keynote speakers, motivational speakers, CXOs, and other professionals in sales, marketing, R&D, and communications who are interested in publishing content to elevate their social status, increase their credibility, gain visibility, and improve their networking.

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The newly announced workshop has been developed to allow budding writers to maximize the visibility of their books without the need for social media, extensive blogging, or connections in the publishing industry.

The training will introduce writers to a little-known book marketing strategy that has been used by successful independent authors to publish bestselling books across multiple genres. This is beneficial to writers at every stage of the publishing process, from complete beginners still brainstorming initial ideas to authors with finished manuscripts or existing publications.

The workshop will be hosted by Morgan Gist MacDonald, founder, and CEO of Paper Raven Books. Morgan began her career in Sociology and now has more than 15 years of experience in writing, editing, and publishing books.

Having completed the training, writers have the option to apply for a place on the company’s ‘Breakthrough Bestseller Plan’, an exclusive program that offers new authors expert feedback on their book as well as analysis of its potential market.

Paper Raven Books is committed to partnering with authors to develop engaging, bestselling content for emerging markets. The company has published over 100 books in the fiction, nonfiction, and memoir genres. Clients work with a team of publishing professionals while maintaining control over the creative vision, legal rights, and profits of their books.

The company also offers a 60-second online quiz to help writers discover which publishing path, such as traditional publishing or DIY self-publishing, is right for their work. The quiz is available at

A spokesperson for the company said “This is information that no one else is sharing in the publishing world. This strategy is going to be what separates the next generation of successful authors from the would-be authors who never seem to catch a break.”

Interested parties can find out more information and apply for a consultation with Paper Raven Books by visiting

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