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Lakewood, OH – Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center offers complete screening and treatment of dysphagia or feeding and swallowing disorders. The center has over 90% success rate in treating this condition that keeps family members away from the dinner table. Through proven treatments and care, the center has recorded successful results dealing with the problem and other related symptoms like persistent clearing of the throat, coughing, and a feeling of food sticking to the throat.

The feeding disorder specialist addresses dysphagia at the different levels of it, including dysphagia at the oral phase affecting sucking, chewing, and movin of food into the throat; dysphagia at the pharyngeal phase affecting swallowing, squeezing of food down the throat, and closing off the airway to prevent food and liquid entrance which can cause choking; and dysphagia at the esophageal phase which affects the tightening and relaxation of the openings at the top and bottom of the feeding tube in the throat amongst others.

Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center uses VitalStim Therapy, a non-invasive muscle stimulating therapy, to treat patients exhibiting a variety of behavioral symptoms that indicate feeding issues, including spitting food out of the mouth, refusal to eat, refusal to open mouth, verbal food rejection, gagging or vomiting when eating, throwing food or utensils to avoid eating, and more.

In addition to treating patients with feeding and swallowing disorders, the center, run by Esther A. L. Verbovszky M.A. CCC-SLP, a speech therapist in Cleveland, takes a professional approach to the assessment and treatment of speech-related difficulties experienced by patients of all ages. The therapists at the center have over two decades of experience helping patients to address feeding disorders and improve their communication by addressing speech disorders.

Visiting the center has proven helpful in a lot of ways to many patients, as some of the patients have been able to address articulation disorders that affect their ability to form certain words or sounds during communication properly. Using tested and effective strategies, the speech therapist has been able to address such occurrences, which may cause patients to add, drop, swap, or distort words, to make them pronounceable.

Patients with fluency disorders affecting the flow, speed, and rhythm of their speech have also been able to experience significant improvement in the quality of their sound and speech with help from the professionals at the center.
The Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center is open to people who have been diagnosed with other speech-related disorders, including resonance disorder, cognitive-communication disorder, expressive disorder, and receptive disorder.

The center offers additional services like forensic speech language pathology services to injury lawyers needing expert witnesses in medical legal cases requiring expertise in swallowing aspiration and/or choking cases. These diagnosis may include however, not limited to: strokes, head and neck cancer, and traumatic brain injury.They can also be reached for feeding and swallowing-related issues.

Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center is located at 18626 Detroit Ave Suite A, Lakewood, Ohio, 44107, US. Reach out to the speech therapist via phone at (216) 320-2456 or visit their website for additional information.

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