Cheryl B. Engelhardt Releases Dazzling ‘The Passenger’

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Ambient/New Age composer Cheryl B. Engelhardt unveils her brand-new album, The Passenger, a collection of nine tracks composed and produced on a U.S. cross-country train trip.

Scheduled to attend the 2022 Grammy Awards and perform at the pre-party, she decided to take a train from NY to LA. Then two weeks before her departure, her dearest friend and collaborator passed away of stage four cancer.

Grief-stricken, Cheryl spent 216 hours, nine days, in a ‘roomette’ processing her emotional turmoil, which turned out to be the Universe’s way of aiding her healing. The trip resulted in new material, nine ambient/meditation songs.

While on the train, Engelhardt sent files to collaborators to contribute their talents, including multiple Grammy-winning artists, world-renowned flutist Sherry Finzer, and the Dallas String Quartet.

Because of impressive pre-sales, The Passenger is already a number one bestseller on Amazon and is one of a handful of ambient records composed, mixed, and mastered wholly by women.

The Passenger begins with “The Beautiful Bridge,” featuring Lili Haydn. The track opens on emerging soft colors flowing into gentle floating layers of textures as Lili Haydn’s graceful violin imbues the tune with celestial tones.

Highlights on the album include “The Light That’s Left,” a gorgeously drifting palette of gentle washes of sound, accented by luminous hues. “The Misty Cosmos,” akin to the music one anticipates finding in The Empyrean, juxtaposes radiant tones against deep throbbing emanations.

A personal favorite, “The Angels’ Lullaby,” blends resonant tones with twinkling, sparkling colors, forming a shimmering sonic dance. When the strings swell, it feels as if the Seraphim are spreading their wings.

“The Zephyr Remembers” features the polished, elegance of Sangeeta Kaur’s divine vocals. The final track, “The Ambient Love,” glistens with misty coloration, at once cashmere and rippling on peaceful filaments.

Wow! The Passenger glows, traveling on creamy, ethereal pigments, wafting, and gliding with mellow, soothing tranquility.

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