camoufly Releases Dazzling ‘FAITH EP’

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Enigmatic electronic producer camoufly introduces his brand-new EP, FAITH, a dazzling blend of rhythmic swells of sound and luminous coloration.

Explaining, camoufly shares, “Most of my life I feel like I’ve been wandering on a meaningless path. Until I realized… that this is actually how it is supposed to be. There’s a big question that always had me thinking a lot: what do we really control? Or what can I really control?”

He adds, “So I put my Faith in the people I love, in the things I love, and in my music. I don’t need anything more than what I can do and achieve now. All these things I’m trying to learn along the way are the forces that guided me along my musical journey. And this EP is what came out in the process.”

camoufly’s meteoric rise began with the release of his Apotheosis EP last year, which garnered global praise through its Spotify playlist features on New Music Friday, Dance Rising, and creamy. He followed with his second EP, The Giant, which premiered on Forbes and was the cover of the creamy playlist for more than a month, followed by receiving Best Artist and Best Emerging artist at the Audius Awards.

Encompassing five tracks, FAITH begins with “Q,” opening on classical colors riding a syncopated rhythm, flavored with remote vocals and rambling, edgy textures. “alone (with u)” features galvanizing, glistening hues traveling on a potent rhythm as washes of thrumming, swirling tones glide overhead.

Perhaps the best track, “everlasting” merges contagious vocals with camofly’s unique kawaii bounce savors. Whereas “azure” delivers smooth twirling streams of color flowing into futuristic-flavored textures. Ethereal tones imbue the tune with gorgeous cashmere tendrils.

The final track, “told u so,” features ripples of luminescent hues and then shifts to a dance-laced melody, topped by high, delicate vocals, which transform into melodic leitmotifs.

Innovative and brimming with deliciously shiny, glittery, and syncopated production, with FAITH, camoufly parades his amazing talent.

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