A Story Born of Salvation; This is the Inspiring Story of Cheyne Colwell of Higher Power Movement – Your News Digest

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The hardest part of having the disease of drug addiction aside from having the disease is that no one in the world sees it as a disease, they see one as selfish, they see one as weak, they see one as cruel, and they see one as destructive. They think, why should they feel sympathy for him if he doesn’t feel sympathy for himself or anybody else? Why does he deserve their time, their patience, their solace? Well of course all their concerns are legit because one thing they have to understand is that addiction knows no boundaries and its impact goes beyond the person fighting it! For Cheyne Colwell founder and inventor of Higher Power Movement (a high-value ministry company changing the lives of people for the better), he had hit rock bottom and the truth of the matter is that drugs/alcohol had fundamentally changed who he was as a person; he let go of every moral, every principle, everything he holds close to his heart and believed in and the longer he continued doing drugs, the more he lost and not just in terms of things he loved but the things he valued most about himself and every compromise he made, every moral line that he crossed, he went further and further until he couldn’t recognize who he was! Believe it or not, he is now celebrating three years of being clean and sober- three years!

It has not been an easy journey and he would be lying if he said he was able to get out of the bottomless pit through just ferocious determination and willpower- for the moment one tries drugs for the first time, it sets something off in their brain that’s beyond control and it isn’t a question of willpower and it’s not how strong they are; they will always be fighting a losing battle from the first day they get high! For Colwell, he had to believe in something greater than himself, he sought the help of the one everlasting God through his son Jesus Christ Lord and savior! He is now a business owner, an author, and an evangelist for the Kingdom of God.

Colwell is expected to launch his own child books soon and together with his Higher Power Movement ministry, this is the time, and now is the day to make a leap in their own original way as they enter the universe of the true masters, eminent virtuosos and authentic heroes who have been responsible for all progress of civilization. As a leader, Colwell seeks to inspire others by his way of life, he seeks to turn his terrors into triumphs and translate each of his heartbreaks into heroism. He is determined to be a force for good on this tiny planet!

Higher Power Solar Movement has been doing incredibly distinguished work of installing solar power to people’s homes and it is from the movement that he finally began his passion of evangelism following the official launch of his 3-year anniversary of being sober! Colwell’s life from battling with addiction to being the leader of an inspirational movement is sort of a

precious symphony of synchronicity to teach one that in every life, especially the hardest ones, doorways of possibility and gateways into the miraculous swing open, revealing the reality that everything that they experience is part of some intelligent, and yes often illogical plan meant to draw them nearer to their greatest powers, most wonderful circumstances and highest good.

Higher Power Movement seeks to create an impact through leadership by influencing through the power of their characters, the nobility of the expertise, the compassion in their hearts and by the unusual dedication to leaving everyone they meet better than they found them. Here, leaders run less by the selfish addictions of the ego and more by the selfless dictates of their greater wisdom! Colwell has continued to show himself as a titan, not only of industry but also of

integrity and decency! For more information please follow him on his socials and don’t forget to check out their website www.HigherPowerMovement.com.

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