Ukraine’s “EU accession”, scenarios for realization and its challenges

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On February 28, Ukraine’s President Zelensky formally signed the application for EU accession after requesting the European Union (EU) to promptly approve Ukraine’s accession.

Countries wishing to join the EU must first meet criteria such as establishing a free market economy, EU legal system and acceptance of the euro, followed by long-term negotiations. Bloomberg pointed out that it took 10 years for Croatia, the EU’s newest member, to be officially admitted in 2013.

European Council President Charles Michel told Euronews that there are “various opinions and circumstances within the EU” about Ukraine’s accession, and it is possible that all member states will approve Ukraine’s accession. It is considered low.

Leaders in Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic are calling on the EU to create a “whole new path” that will allow Ukraine to join the EU quickly, but the EU seems reluctant so far. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, told Euronews on the 26th that she wants Ukraine to join the EU, but the accession process “takes time”. ..

Ukraine’s accession to the EU can be immediate military assistance, as EU member states are required by the Mutual Defense Clause to assist countries that are “victims of armed aggression on their territory.”

Membership in the EU also has the advantage of bringing economic benefits to Ukraine, allowing Ukrainians to move freely within the EU and gaining various rights granted to EU citizens.

In addition, successive European leaders also sent a message to Russia on February 24, in an editorial article contributed to the site of the US think tank Atlantic Council, where it would be useful for the EU to consider joining Ukraine. He said it would be.

EU officials said in a Reuters article on the 28th that the European Council is likely to hold a summit on March 10 and 11 to discuss the possibility of Ukraine’s accession.

“Ukrainians want to live in Ukraine in Europe,” Zelensky told Politico in 2020, and joining the EU has long been a dream for Ukraine.

Ukraine has already signed a coalition agreement with the EU to promote free trade and deeper political ties, but Reuters says Russia has hampered their efforts to join the EU.

The EU has been away from accession negotiations “to avoid antipathy from the Kremlin,” but Reuters reports that the obstacles have diminished as member states and Western countries embark on sanctions on Russia. There is. The EU has already imposed significant sanctions on Russia, including for the first time in EU history to provide funding and weapons to Ukraine, and to instruct member states to provide temporary protection for Ukraine refugees for up to three years. Supporting Ukraine by means.

The Kremlin rebelled against the EU and its “hostile” actions on the 28th, criticizing the move to equip Ukraine with weapons “dangerous and destabilizing the region.”