The reason why the Academy Award, “Power of the Dog” is said to be a big favorite

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Academy Award nominees have been announced (finally, there is a list of Best Picture and Best Director). The attention-grabbing “Drive My Car” (directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi) is a candidate in four categories including the Best Picture and Best Directing Awards, and expectations for the award ceremony to be held on March 27, local time, where the winning work will be decided. Is increasing.


This is the first Japanese film nomination for Best Picture in the history of 94 Academy Awards. As for the director’s award, Hiroshi Teshigahara (1966 “Woman in the Dunes”) and Akira Kurosawa (1986 “Ran”) are the third in history. This alone can be said to be a considerable honor.


“Drive My Car,” which has won all-around film awards, including the National Critics Circle Award, is expected to gain a lot of support in the Academy Awards, and if it wins, Nobel. It may be said that it is a feat of the award class.


At the Academy Awards, the “Power of the Dog” (Jane), which was distributed by Netflix and is still being distributed, was nominated for 12 categories in 11 categories, including the Best Picture Award, Best Director Award, and Best Actor Award.・ Director Campion). At present, there are many voices saying that it is an Oscar favorite, and the author also thinks that “Power of the Dog” is a work suitable for Best Picture.

Four people who live in a tense relationship

“The Power of the Dog” is set in Montana, northwestern United States in 1925. A younger brother and a younger brother who contrast in everything that co-owns a ranch, a new brother’s wife and her son. It is a psychodrama in which the conflicts and feuds, affection and hatred of “four people and four people” are drawn densely against the backdrop of beautiful nature.


His older brother Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch), a talented classical student at Yale University in the east, has now returned to his hometown to lead wild cowboys to cattle cattle. Meanwhile, his younger brother George (Jesse Premance), called “Fat Cho” by his brother, is in charge of public relations and clerical work at the ranch.


A cowboy-style brother who shows off his masculinity without taking a bath, and a younger brother who always wears a suit and keeps it clean. The older brother always has a high-pressure attitude toward his younger brother, but the two are actually sleeping side by side in the same room.


At one point, at an inn where he stopped by while grazing cows, Phil lit a cigarette with a paper flower on the table. It was handmade by Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee), son of Rose (Kirsten Dunst), the inn’s madam, and Phil poisons him as a waiter.


Rose sees her in tears of grief, but her brother George comforts her out of sight of her brother. It is a scene of the encounter of the characters, but the relationship between the four people in this psychodrama is already clarified. In this way, the work is drawn while accumulating scenes that have been carefully calculated.