Many young people these days dream of becoming actors and acting in Hollywood. But how to become an Actor?

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Mohsen Kalhor, born on April 22, 1984, is a handsome and talented Asian director and actor who has a history of acting in films, living under the conditions of laughter, smiles, warning for Cobra 0011 and the series Glass Garden.

Many moviegoers ask him how they can become a good and lovable actor.
Definitely the only determining factor in this way is not just the interest in acting.

The most important factor is perseverance and pursuit, as well as having innate talent.

University to enter the field of acting

Go to universities and colleges of art and choose Hollywood acting.
By attending acting universities, you will learn acting techniques and methods, and you may also have opportunities to increase your chances of working professionally.

Art schools to become actors

Participation in art institutes and schools: If you do not intend to go to the University of Arts, you can participate in acting courses, art classes and film workshops. The number of these classes is very large.

Mohsen Kalhor Iranian Actor and Entrepreneur

Personal skills to become an actor

Improve your skills. Many directors or places that want to hire you as an actor, institutions that test you as an actor pay attention to skills such as articulation, how to express different moods, body language and so on. Try to strengthen these skills in yourself.

Pay attention to the calls for hiring an actor. Various directors give casting calls to hire actors to make their films. After taking acting training courses, you can take an acting test and test yourself for playing small roles in movies.

You should definitely start with small roles. Calls for actor recruitment and acting tests can be found in movie magazines or by searching the internet. You just have to be persistent.

Talent is the key to success for acting (many people have long university courses, etc. in the field of acting, but eventually, after years of effort, continue to play a low role in the film. Become a superstar in a few years, because personal abilities and innate talent in this field play a significant role in personal growth and development).

  • An actor must be indefatigable and have high physical and mental endurance. (In some roles, the actor needs to gain weight or lose weight and find the physical condition appropriate to his role)
  • An actor will have irregular and long working hours.
  • An actor has a lot of effort and perseverance and never gets tired of training.
  • Intelligence and creativity (to enliven your role) is an important factor in the success of the actor.
  • An actor has a challenging character.
  • High spirit of teamwork and cooperation in the group is another characteristic of an actor.
  • An actor has high energy and physical strength (sometimes he may live away from family for a while to make a movie in unfavorable conditions).
  • High adaptability of the actor to different people and situations is very important.
  • A very high spirit of criticism to accept the criticism of directors, critics, etc. is also a condition for acting.
  • Discipline
  • The culture and customs of the society and sufficient knowledge and research about his role will enable him to understand all aspects of the problems and concerns and play a different and prominent role.
  • And finally, art education courses are another important condition for becoming an actor (because an actor must always be learning to gain experience and skills in the field of acting, let’s not forget that acting is also a science and acquiring knowledge requires education and Has enough experience).