How to become a successful blogger or influencer? The secret to success as a successful influencer is Doctormoon most famous blogger

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Ms. Mahnaz Farid Talibnia is a successful blogger these days on Instagram and other existing platforms. She has been nicknamed Doctormoon in the field of blogging on Instagram and has become a famous and popular figure.

Doctormoon have PHDs in hair and beauty and also work in areas such as writing and performing musicians.

She lives in Canada and most of his followers are from all over Europe and America.

At first glance, the work of a blogger may seem simple, but it is not bad to get acquainted with some of the characteristics of a successful blogger, Dr. Moon.

Beautiful and justified appearance

Pleasant and impressive pink

Excellent articulation

Self Confidence

Has a good voice

Ability to convince others


Adventure Joe


High social skills


Specializing in one field or even several different fields

Has social relationships

Familiarity with photography, filming, mixing and video composition

Fluent in content production


Most importantly, you need to be interested in it, not a fleeting feeling or experience it for a short time.

The path to becoming a blogger on Instagram by Dr. Moon

If I want to briefly and quickly point out the path to becoming a blogger, I suggest these few steps.

Step 1: Choose your field of work first, what field are you going to work in? Please do not generalize, be precise. For example, lifestyle, food blogger, chef blogger, housewife blogger, technology blogger, professional blogger, game blogger, psychologist blogger, musician blogger, business blogger and…

Second step: In the second step, complete your profile. (Use real name or nickname and choose a suitable and fluent username)

Step 3: Start producing content and engaging with interesting and important topics in your field of work, you need to attract the attention of your audience and show that you are a professional blogger in a specialized field, content production principles and techniques It has to do with itself and if I want to be very brief, try to be yourself, completely real and compassionate, honestly guide your audience and share your experiences in various content formats such as: video, text, image, audio and… to Share.