Doctormoon! How To Become A Successful Influencer!

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Mahnaz Farid Talebnia is a famous and successful blogger on Instagram and
other social media platforms. She has more than a million followers and has
been nicknamed “Doctormoon”. Admittedly, she has become a well-known and
popular internet face who has combined art and science.

Interestingly she has multiple talents! Doctormoon has completed her medical
training in one of the prestigious schools, and she has pursued her interest in
skincare, cosmetics, music, and oil painting. Her abstract oil paintings are a
good example of the way she reflects her talented artistic aspect of her.

Besides, She is an ex-TV host and a musician. She composed and performed
music for a variety of TV shows in the early 2000s.

Although she lives in Canada, the majority of her followers are from the Middle
East and the rest are from Europe and North America. The secret to her success
and why she is loved by her followers could be summarized in her features;
She is absolutely gorgeous and charismatic, she is an excellent content creator,
talented writer, passionate teacher, and trustable influencer.

She believes that in order to become a successful blogger, one has to consider the following steps:

Step 1:

Find your niche field that suits you the most! 

If you are a mediocre accountant but you love cooking, start from your kitchen.
Post varies of eye-catching photos from your plates, talk about your delicious
foods and teach other people how to cook just as good as you!

Step 2:

Try to be creative and different from others! That’s your signature!
Social media particularly Instagram is full of people who try to get famous.
Therefore, it is very challenging to compete with them. Try to invent something
that nobody else can copy, or if they do they sound fake!

Step 3:

Be willing to invest a small amount of money to grow your audience.
You need to create entertaining content. People don’t have time, everything has
become rapid pace in the world around us. So, try to give them instant
satisfaction! They browse your page to see if they like you or not. I assure you
will attract more audience if you entertain them.

Step 4:

Try to connect with already big influencers.

Now you have done everything you possibly could, but still, you are not growing
the way you deserve it. Big influencers with a big number of followers could
expedite this process. Try to connect to them. Sending them direct messages on
Instagram may not sound like a good way to approach them. They receive
hundreds of messages every day and they can not respond to all of them.
Instead, try to invest in them, buy their products, attend to their seminars, and
show that you support them. If you make your way into their hearts, and they
accept to promote you on their page, BOOM you are the winner!!

Step 5:

Be perseverant and ignore the negative comments!
I have been dealing with this every day! Of course, if you are an influencer with a
lot of followers you get a lot of positive feedback and a huge amount of love
from them. But there is a caveat to being famous, you also have some haters!
They try to stop you from success and fame. They cannot stand you, So
Beware! Don’t spend too much time dealing with their comments. The best way
to deal with them is just to ignore them, and let your inside love and passion
make them tired of what they are doing.