Music “Look at me Habibi!” Composed by Javad Safaee and Mohsen Avid, it was the best music of the Dubai Music Festival

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Music Look at me Habibi! He won with 1,500 out of 2,000 votes.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the King of the United Arab Emirates, attended this festival and heard the music of this festival, in this festival, which was attended by more than 2 thousand people, the music of “Look at me Habibi!” was composed by Javad Safaee, Mohsen Avid under the label “Medellin Music”. won first place and was selected.

Look at me Habibi! (Javad Safaee , Mohsen Avid) ft. DJ Mahyar M2

MSC Festival is a private music festival in the UAE and Qatar that was opened in 2018.

The second place of this festival was won by the music “Welcome to Dubai” composed by Johnson Zabih Do Regeh.